Two weeks in Japan: Itinerary Suggestion

Start your adventure in Japan’s iconic capital, Tokyo. Spend a couple of days soaking up the brightly lit atmosphere and historic highlights, while adjusting to the quirky Japanese modern-day culture.

See the highlights of our Japan itinerary in pictures here.

Head south towards Mount Fuji and the surrounding five lakes. Visit Hakone for a hike with a view and marvel at the stunning sight that is Japan’s most famous volcano, ideally from a nearby steamy onsen.

Next make your way to the beautiful Kiso valley, where you can visit the old post towns of Magome and Tsumago. A two to three hour hike between the towns takes you through bamboo forest and historic villages.

Now head further west to Kyoto, a treasure trove of temples and palaces. Try to visit Fushimi Inarii Taisha with its 10,000 vermilion torii gates. Or Sanjusangendo temple with its 1000 Kanon statues. The Golden Palace in the northwestern corner of the city is also worth a visit.

South of Kyoto lies the ancient Japanese capital of Nara, famous for the giant Buddha at Todai-ji. Hundreds of deer roam freely in this city. If you fancy an authentic ninja experience, head to Iga.

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Next head back north into the Gifu mountains, stopping first at the picturesque village of Ogimachi, then the traditional town of Takayama.

Leave the Gifu mountains behind you and head eastwards to Matsumoto, a beautiful little town with the magnificent ‘crow castle’.

As your final stop, head to Nikko with the magnificent Tosho-gu Shrine. There you find the world-famous wood carving of the three wise monkeys ‘See no evil, hear no evil,speak no evil’.

Now head back to Tokyo for your return flight.

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