Honeymoon in Italy: Itinerary Suggestion

Start your journey in romantic Tuscany, the picturesque region in the northern part of Italy’s ‘boot’. Take a few days to relax and soak up the incredible scenery, architecture and culture.

The Medieval Towns of Tuscany

Visit the medieval towns of Siena and marvel at the views from the top of its iconic Torre del Mangia. Wonder within the historic city walls of San Gimignano, a small hill-top town famous for its picture-perfect skyline of medieval towers.

Stay at one of the many ‘agriturismo‘ – authentic guest accommodation on working farms or vineyards – such as Santo Pietro in Pancole, a few kilometers outside San Gimignano.

Florence and its many treasures

Head to Florence, the region’s capital and a treasure trove of Italian culture, architecture and history. Spend at least a couple of days here to cover the highlights.

Explore the history of the Medici at Palazzo Pitti, learn about one of Italy’s Greatest icons Galileo Galilei at the Galileo Museum , admire iconic art at the Uffizi Gallery , marvel at the architectural feat of the Duomo, shop for traditional jewellery on the city’s oldest bridge, Ponte Vecchio – to name just a few.

Rome and the Vatican

If you’ve got room for another mind-blowing historical and cultural feast, stop in Rome for a few days on your way south. Heart of the empire and capital of modern day Italy, Rome feels like one big open-air museum. Monuments and places of historic significance around every corner.

The Vatican Galleries and St Peter’s Basilica are must-sees (definitely pre-book!), as are the Roman sites of the iconic Collosseum and the Forum Romanum. Two of my personal highlights are the Pantheon with its circular, open dome and Trajan’s column.

Find out more about the highlights of Rome in my city break post here.

By now you are probably ready for a slower pace so head further south towards the beautiful coastline of Amalfi.

Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast

Stay in the charming tourist hotspot of Sorrento, or, if you don’t mind climbing steps, the picturesque town of Positano.

Climb up Mount Vesuvio for some stunning views of the Bay and visit the archaeological site of Pompeii, the tragic Roman city entirely buried under its volcanic ash 79 A.D.

But most importantly, indulge in a few relaxing and romantic days in the sunshine to complete your honeymoon. Enjoy the stunning sunsets over the Bay of Naples, treat yourself to Pizza and Limoncello and chill out on the beach before heading home as a married couple.

You can read more about our honeymoon in Italy here, where we’ve covered parts of this itinerary.


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